Rewards For All Participants:

  • ALL students successfully participating in Marching Band earn one semester of academic class credit that counts toward a student’s grade point average, graduation requirements, and class rank.
  • ALL students also benefit academically because marching band is not time-intensive during the fall when students have studies/other activities. All of the rehearsals except five occur during the summer.
  • ALL students gain leadership opportunities/benefits from participating in the Marching Band.
  • Because Marching Band is voluntary, every student in the organization genuinely wants to be here. This makes for a very positive class environment where students work together as a team to achieve.
  • Accordingly, ALL students benefit socially from making great friends in this type of positive ‘family’ atmosphere, enjoying great parental support and involvement.

Additional Rewards:

In addition to benefits outlined above, Summer School Marching Band students also:

  • Get a fun-filled summer seeing old friends and making new ones (about 220 of them)
  • Get a fun weekend performance tour to Cedar Point Amusement Park
  • Get an exciting band camp experience
  • Get a more relaxing and academically successful fall season
  • Get a better educational experience, and consequently perform a better show
  • Get a three month ‘head start’ on getting to know friends and their way around the school
  • Get to rehearse Symphonic, Concert Band, and Orchestra literature at the very beginning of the school year.