Why Should I Join Color Guard?

  • You could make 220 Leyden friends, from all grade levels
  • We take some GREAT tours…including Walt Disney World, Cedar Point, and Europe
  • Color Guard is a fun activity that you can learn quickly
  • You receive academic class credit for participating
  • This is a FUN group of friends to be around
  • You receive beautiful uniforms and equipment
  • Our instructors are top rate professionals…and nice people
  • Be a part of the largest group at the Leyden High Schools
  • ‘Jump in’ to high school, and get involved…
  • This fun activity is even open to INCOMING FRESHMEN

Frequently asked Color Guard questions:

Is experience necessary?

No. None of our partner schools have Color Guards, so ALL of our Color Guard ladies enter as beginners. We have a sensational instructional staff to help you to quickly learn what you need to know.

How do I join?

It’s easy! You sign up for Summer School Marching Band Class, (MUS 151). Signup online, or visit Student Services (at East or West)  to sign up for our class. (847-451-3033 at East, and 847-451-3138 at West). If you are still confused, just come to the first class meeting and we will help you.

Is being in Color Guard expensive?

No. Beautiful new uniforms, flags, equipment, and instruction are all provided for you. Your costs are only the standard summer school tuition for any class ($125.00) and $10-$25 for a pair of Color Guard shoes—and both of these costs may be fund raised!

I don’t know anyone at Leyden yet. May I bring a friend with me?

Yes! Many of our Color Guard girls join with friends. As a member of the Color Guard, you will have the chance to also make MANY new friends—about 220 of them…all BEFORE the school year even starts!


Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be a part of something great!